About Us

Introducing Moulds And More, a Promising fresh name in the Injection moulding sector.
We bring Best Solutions from Global Mould makers to fulfill your expectations with a blend of 20 + years of our experience in the Indian plastic industry.
We are a Project Management company engaged into Injection moulding related activities.

It is needless to mention, Injections Moulds are always tailor made to specific needs. It is unlike few standard equipments which can be compared with one to one features and decide what suits you. It is most important, each mould is built with adequate strength in size with right steel, Heat and Surface treatments, Positioning of features, Thermal balance and best mould making practices with knowhow in Injection process.

- All that comes with dedicated and focused experience to produce desired results on injection machine you are proposed to use for QUALITY plastic parts production with Uninterrupted moulding Cycles.

Our GOAL is to offer Injection moulds with advanced, innovative technologies to Injection moulding companies and their customers, uniquely – Faster, Easier and Cheaper. All that matched for your specific production needs.

Moulds And More – Offers you the full technical support that you expect from Product design, Pilot Tooling, Samples testing, Production moulds, Mould commissioning and automation systems for sub assemblies to get what you anticipated without you being involved much, saving your precious time and money.

We are well aware of implications and do everything that you could do with serious investments!

Trust, you will be delighted to work with us.

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